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The therapists at Body in Motion provide comprehensive Physical Therapy services, starting with a initial musculoskeletal evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation we utilize manual therapy including joint mobilization and soft tissue, injury specific exercises and modalities to optimize recovery.

Our therapists view the body as a kinetic chain, realizing that many factors contribute to your pain/dysfunction. Body in Motion uses a holistic approach to treatment and strives to empower the individual with the tools and education to manage their condition. Exercise programs and progression of your care is individualized and emphasis is placed on education, self-help techniques including a strength/flexibility program , posturing and body mechanics.
Our practice believes in providing one on one sessions with the same practitioner to ensure continuity of care.

About our Therapists.
Our therapists are experienced in treating various diagnoses and are highly recognized therapists in the community.

Sushma Patel, PT, MTC, owner of Body in Motion, specializes in spinal dysfunction and orthopedic injuries. She is also Manual Therapy Certified from the Institute of Graduate Physical Therapy.

Prior to opening her practice she was employed at Saint Luke’s Hospital where she played an integral part in developing ,the system wide, ergonomics program. Additionally she provided education for St. Luke’s nursing staff on safe patient handling and movement. She has taught classes on exercise, joint protection, spinal dysfunctions and ergonomics to nurse case managers, the general public and her peers.

Brett Speirs, DPT. A 2013 graduate of Des Moines Universityís Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Comes from a manual therapy driven background with significant emphasis on orthopedic dysfunctions. Believes in a treatment plan tailored towards personal goals and needs, and empowering patients through education for long-term success.

Lea Huntington, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, APEX Certified Personal Trainer and a Powerhouse Certified Pilates Practicioner. Lea offers Pilates classes and individual personal training sessions at the Body in Motion Clinic.

Melissa Forristal, Office Administrator. Melissa, 5 year veteran with Body in Motion, is an invaluable resource for questions related to scheduling and insurance policy/benefits. Melissa, works to ensure customer satisfaction by making every attempt to accommodate individual schedules, establishing a strong patient rapport an ensuring patient comfort with each visit.

Our goal is to help the patient regain their functional level and provide them with the education needed to prevent re-injury and/or further progression of their condition. We pride ourselves on our commitment to patient care including continuity of services, and education by highly skilled professionals.

Print the forms and fill them out for your next visit

Services Provided

The following is a list of the various services we provide. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of them.

  • Joint mobilization
  • Soft tissue mobilization/myofacial release
  • Individualized home exercise programs
  • Ergonomics
  • Sports related injuries including fractures, ligament sprains and muscle strains
  • Spinal dysfunctions including disc pathology with or without nerve irritation and muscle strains

Print the forms and fill them out for your next visit

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N. O'Connor: "As a follow-up to surgery, my doctor referred me to Sushma Patel for physical therapy. With patience and persistence, Sushma sought to understand what was causing my lingering pain and explained what she was discovering all along the way. In the end, Sushma taught me how to treat and maintain my back problems, which significantly decreased or eliminated my pain."

J. Kiely: "I came to Body in Motion as a last resort prior to anticipated surgery for a bulging disc. After a detailed initial evaluation Sushma placed me on a comprehensive rehabilitation program in concert with highly beneficial office visits. As a result I was able to resume regular daily activity and avoid surgery. Body in Motion resolved my problem where several other physical therapists failed. I highly recommend their professional services."

B. Ross: "Having suffered from chronic lower back pain for years, I was a bit skeptical when my physician suggested more physical therapy! Was I surprised! The “hands on” approach of Sushma Patel at Body in Motion has changed my life completely. I am doing things that I haven’t been able to do for years. And - she gave me realistic exercises to keep my back in shape. My doctor was right – she is a miracle worker!"

L. L. Grace: "The results I obtained from physical therapy with Sushma were miraculous. After 30 years of severe pain in my upper back and neck, which brought on disabling headaches, she was able to work out the muscles and joints so I now largely pain free. I also suffered from severe low back pain, my therapy with Sushma reduced that pain considerably. I am deeply impressed by what Sushma has done for me and how she does it. She is a lovely person and highly skilled."

C. Strong: "My experience with Body In Motion was very beneficial to me. I now have a better quality of life and am able to carry out my daily activities with less pain and difficulty. My therapist was excellent and showed me how to maintain the exercises that helped me so much."

J. Beal: "I am so thankful to have been referred to Sushma and Body In Motion. I thought that I would have to be on pain medication and possibly have another surgery to insert a spinal cord stimulator. Thanks to Sushma and her desire to see her patients function pain free, I am now off all pain medications and will not have another surgical procedure. I highly recommend Body In Motion, especially to anyone who has not had a good experience elsewhere."

N. Hilgers: "Equipment is First-Rate. Everything is spotless and neat. Everyone is professional, polite, positive and helpful. Body In Motion is the greatest!"


Policy Update

Due to continued changes in health care reimbursements, Body in Motion is progressing towards a fee for service practice.

Fee for service practice means that we will collect payment in full at the time of service. As a courtesy, Body in Motion will bill insurance and any payments made will be mailed directly to the member. The amount of reimbursement for each plan varies. Body in Motion will verify your benefits, however, it is ultimately your responsibility to be aware of your insurance coverage.

The benefits of fee for service are that duration/treatment is not dictated by the insurance company. It also allows the therapist to provide one on one care with a focus on results often leading to a shorter course of treatment.

Since a majority of our business is driven by word of mouth and the strong relationships with our physician referrals, we will make every attempt to work with the individuals financial constraints- including shorter sessions or decreased frequency of visits.

Before ruling out Body in Motion, as your Physical Therapy provider please consider our strong reputation within the medical community and our result oriented approach often resulting in shorter duration of treatment. We have a 90% customer retention rate, meaning our patientís often return for other problems because they were satisfied with the exceptional care and results they received.

Please feel free to contact the Owner, Sushma Patel, with any questions regarding financial coverage/benefit at 913-432-3950. Our goal is to provide you with the care you deserve and we will make every attempt to work within your financial constraints.


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